CIS: Bobby Unser

Centennial Interview Series, Interviews, Podcasts — By on May 18, 2011 12:31 pm

Our Centennial Interview Series continues with this feature on Bobby Unser. In his typical, charming fashion, Uncle Bobby starts each answer on one topic and has ended up on another by the time he’s done, but we greatly appreciate his input on it all. He starts by talking about his rookie year at the Speedway in 1963, which sets him into commentary about the challenges faced by rookies in his day as opposed to the relative ease with which today’s ride-buyers make the field. He also spoke about the differences in technology and the work today’s drivers do in relation to those of his early career. He regaled us with the tale of how he bested the PACER light system used at IMS in the 1970s. He shared his thoughts on his greatest competition and what it means to him to see Indy as a family affair. Bobby also remembered how he got started with his broadcasting career and discussed his relationship with fellow commentator Sam Posey. After identifying a favorite memory and a greatest disappointment from his time at The Greatest Spectacle in Racing, Uncle Bobby shared with us what being a champion of the Indianapolis 500 means to him.

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