CIS: Dan Wheldon

Centennial Interview Series, Interviews, Podcasts — By on May 10, 2011 12:08 pm

Our next Centennial Interview Series feature highlights the winner of the 2005 Indianapolis 500, Dan Wheldon. Dan spoke about his early encounters with the Speedway, his memories of his rookie year in 2003, and the year that saw him come away as the winner in 2005. He discussed what it meant to be the first driver to win for Michael Andretti and what Chip Ganassi is like during the Month of May. Dan also shared his thoughts on why his driving style works so well at Indianapolis, how arriving this year as a part-time driver may change his approach, and the influence that watching Nigel Mansell at Indianapolis had on him as a young driver in the United Kingdom. Finally, Dan shared his favorite memory and greatest disappointment from The Greatest Spectacle in Racing before sharing what being a champion of the Indianapolis 500 means to him.

To listen, use the player below or search for More Front Wing on iTunes.

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