CIS: Bobby Rahal

Centennial Interview Series, Interviews, Podcasts — By on May 6, 2011 12:15 pm

The next Indianapolis 500 champion to be featured in More Front Wing’s Centennial Interview Series is the winner of the 1986 event, Bobby Rahal. Bobby was very forthcoming in describing the emotional highs and lows of his entire career at the Speedway, beginning with his rookie year in 1982, peaking with his win driving for ailing car owner Jim Trueman, through to his last year as a driver before the split and then returning as an owner in 2002. Bobby shared in great detail his memories of Trueman, how it felt to fail to qualify in 1993, and who he feels his greatest competitor was on the track. He also described the unique aspects of participating in the 500 as a driver, a driver/owner, and an owner, and what it’s like to be a father watching his son try to make his mark on the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. Finally, Bobby shared his favorite memory and greatest disappointment during his time at the Speedway before sharing what it means to be able to call himself a champion of the Indianapolis 500.

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