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IndyCar commentary — By on February 8, 2010 3:44 pm
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Swift Engineering released pictures today of their proposed IndyCar chassis. The first new car features a multi-plane front wing not unlike the Swift Formula Nippon chassis. The car also showcases longer, higher sidepods, which could be problematic with sponsor logos.  The engine cover on car 1 also reveals a significant amount of the engine and gearbox region.

Car 2 has an even more unique wing package. The front wing has a large endplate that is a few inches wide. The sidepods are cover nearly the entire wheelbase.

The new model also comes with special features, including Swift’s “Mushroom Buster,” which helps alleviate some of the wash behind the car to improve passing. This technology is also employed by the Swift Formula Nippon chassis.

The proposed car will also feature SwiftLights. These provide spectators with information about the car and driver while it is circulating. Position, fuel level, and throttle/brake position will be highlights on the car.

Lola Group also issued a press release detailing their new concept. Pictures were not included but are expected late this week.

From Lola:

“At the heart of Lola’s presentation to the IRL Board was a carefully considered modern dual body style approach. This concept will provide two ready to race aero performance balanced Indycars that could compete even safer side by side and very close behind one another on all circuits. This would provide a unique focus for drivers, teams and fans alike without technical compromise or advantage and in addition would accommodate a dual engine supply situation if required.

The proposed Lola Indycar for 2012 focuses on several key areas. These are safety, efficiency, engine adaptability, weight reduction (proposed 1380lbs v current 1540lbs), pleasing aesthetics with good sponsor exposure and a concentrated evaluation on significantly improving overtaking.

As part of the rigorous technical studies by Lola engineers, an entire range of futuristic concept cars were explored. While these proved technically interesting and on the wish list of the special projects team, some of these options will be deferred, but retained, as a next iteration option. Lola supported University projects that are now using recycled materials continues to be of great interest.”

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