Lola releases 2012 chassis designs

IndyCar commentary — By on February 15, 2010 3:36 pm

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Lola Group has released images of its ideas for the 2012 IndyCar chassis. The main selling point of the Lola design is that it is, in fact, two designs. Teams can choose between one of two chassis that will offer similar performance.

In addition, the basic tub and chassis produced by Lola will also be used in Firestone Indy Lights. This will allow field sizes to increase and prices to be reduced for teams in both series.

Safety was also a major factor in the development of the new Lola chassis. A higher roll hoop and greater head protection assist in the case of an accident. The rear-end crash structure has been strengthened to help with rear-end collisions.

Lola has also instituted greater protection in the event of wheel-to-wheel contact. Endplates on the front wing shield the front tires while a wide bumper on across the back tires prevents a trailing car from ramping over the leading car.

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