SPECTATOR SEATING GUIDE: Grand Prix of Indianapolis

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(2014 prices: 2-day $41, Saturday only $25)

Tower Terrace (?): The north and south ends of Tower Terrace were open as of May 8, 2014, and they don’t seem to be ticketed (tickets were not sold for these locations on the website). From the south end you’ll see the grid and the standing start and the entrance to T1, but not much else. From the north end you’ll see pit out and the field bunching up as it piles into T1. There are better places to see the action from, but this looks like it might be a physical grandstand seat for the GA price if the status stays the same throughout the weekend.

Grand Prix of Indianapolis view from Tower Terrace


Turn 1 Spectator Mound: From here you can see from pit out through the exit of T1 and even into T2 and T3 if you’re in a prime spot. T1 is a prime passing zone and will be a busy place, especially on the start and restarts, but if T1 is what you’re interested in then a good spot on the T2 mound would give you that view plus quite a bit more. Unless you need front straight action, head here only once the T2 mound is full.

Grand Prix of Indianapolis view from turn 1 spectator mound


Turn 2 Spectator Mound: This will be one of the more popular GA viewing spots. You can clearly see from T1 entry through to T3 from here. If you’ve got your heart set on this location, get here early. It will fill up fast.

Grand Prix of Indianapolis view from turn 2 spectator mound


Turn 6 Spectator Mound: The north end of this mound offers essentially the same view as the Turn 5 Grandstand, so you’re saving money if you get here early enough to get a good place. If you’re going to be that early, though, try heading south to see if you can do better.

Grand Prix of Indianapolis view from turn 6 spectator mound


Turn 7-8 Spectator Mound: When you first get here from the north you’re tempted to just land where you arrive with a view of pretty much the entry and apex of T7 and not much else. But if you keep moving a little further, that’s the money spot: in the right position you’ll see all of T7 through to most of T9. T7 is going to be a hot passing zone, and this will likely be the most coveted of all the GA spots. Plan to get here very early for this one.

Grand Prix of Indianapolis view from turn 7 spectator mound


Turn 10-11 Spectator Mound: Don’t waste your time here. This mound was put here for the 500, not for this race, and you’ll really only see a watered down version of cars going the wrong way through oval T2 from here. Come back next week for the real show and sit somewhere else for the GP weekend to take in the full road course experience.

Grand Prix of Indianapolis view from turn 10 viewing mound


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