SPECTATOR SEATING GUIDE: Grand Prix of Indianapolis

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South Terrace (2014 price $41): These are the same price as the 2-day GA tickets, and for good reason: this is not a good place to sit for this race. All you can really see is the south short chute, and the cars take it a lot slower than they do for the oval. I guess you could buy these seats as a sort of insurance to make sure you have a metal plank to sit on if that matters to you, but I’d rather be stuck at the bottom of just about any other spectator mound, personally.

Grand Prix of Indianapolis view from South Terrace


South Vista (2014 price $51): I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the view from here. There’s going to be less going on here than at the north end of the track, but from a high row (i.e. double-letters) you’ll get to see the entire south end of the track for $10 more than general admission. The South and Southwest Vista Deck tickets are $26 more and aren’t appreciably better than a high row South Vista ticket in my opinion.

Grand Prix of Indianapolis view from South Vista


South Vista Deck/SW Vista Deck (2014 price $77): As stated above, if there are high row South Vista tickets available, then these deck seats aren’t really going to get you much more – and there’s less going on at the south end of the track. Consider H or J stand for a view of a more interesting part of the track for a lower price. (Unless you happen to be able to get South Vista Deck Section 3, Seat 1, and I’m not exaggerating — from that precise location, you can just barely see T7 from between obstructions if your eyesight is good.)

Grand Prix of Indianapolis view from SW Vista Deck


E Boxes (2014 price $62): Aim for a box number of 11 or less to combine the view of the south-end turns with a respectable view of the front straight. Otherwise, you’re just paying extra for shade. (Though that is a motivation for some people, and if you’re one of them then buy in any box up to 24.)

Grand Prix of Indianapolis view from E Stand


E Penthouse (2014 price $77): This is a very popular spot because it gives you all of the south end of the track and the entire front straight. It’s sort of a moot point because both this and NW Vista Deck are sold out for 2014, but for the record I would choose NW Vista Deck over this one. But…

Grand Prix of Indianapolis view from E Penthouse


B Penthouse (2014 price $77): B Penthouse is not sold out as of this morning, and if you sit on the end close to E Penthouse then you get essentially the same view and are a little bit closer to the grid and the standing start. Aim for box 22 or higher to get the best unobstructed views of the front straight.

Grand Prix of Indianapolis view from B Penthouse


A Penthouse (2014 price $77): You lose the view of the south turns from here, but you gain an excellent view of pit row and you’re right on top of the grid for the standing start. Feeling the roar of 25 cars revving up and leaving all at once from here would be worth the price of admission.

Grand Prix of Indianapolis view from A Penthouse


Paddock Penthouse (2014 price $77): Essentially the same as A Penthouse but puts you closer to the front of the grid and T1.

Grand Prix of Indianapolis view from Paddock Penthouse


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