Friday’s announcement at IMS: What’s in store?

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Among the staff here at More Front Wing, one thing appears unanimous:  all signs point to a Penske ride for AJ Allmendinger at this year’s Indy 500 being the center of tomorrow’s announcement at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Regardless, it’s preseason, it’s been a quiet week, and not much official has been revealed about the press conference, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to have a bit of fun. Below are some of our other guesses as to what the event might be about and some thing we sincerely hope are not involved.

We’re very confident it’s about:

We’re all agreed on this one. We’re quite certain that AJ Allmendinger will be confirmed to be running this year’s Indianapolis 500 in a third entry for Penske Racing.

If it’s not about that, it would be nice if it were about:

John: AJ Allmendinger with Penske for the full season!

Steph: An event on the IMS road course to fill the September gap in the schedule. It would be controversial, but that cavernous hole in the calendar is such a wasted opportunity to build momentum shortly after Turbo is released.

Zachary: Ryan Briscoe in a solid ride for the Indianapolis 500.

Paul: Michael Shank announcing a team with an experienced driver, maybe Ryan Briscoe or Tomas Scheckter.

Chad: Teams being allowed to “run what ya brung” again.

Bash: A snowmobile race on the IMS road course — 70 laps, on the first weekend there’s enough snow to make it happen. (The Unsers would all enter that one.)

What we sincerely hope it’s not about:

Chad: Ashley Judd.

Zachary: Erin Andrews announcing she’ll be joining Robin Miller for grid walks this season.

John: IMS releasing the results of BCG study and acting like no one has already seen them.

Steph: An initiative to repave the museum parking lot, or something else equally unbuzzworthy.

Paul: All the teams gathered in support of a green-white-checkered finish at the Indianapolis 500!

We’d love to know your thoughts as well. Add them into the comments section below!

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