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IndyCar off-season: the good, the bad, and the ugly

IndyCar off-season: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Anyone connected to the IZOD IndyCar Series admits that this has been the best off-season for American open-wheel racing in recent memory. Unlike the last dozen years, there is little to no talk of politics, abysmal car counts, or races leaving the schedule.

MFW podcast episode 34

MFW podcast episode 34

In this episode of the More Front Wing podcast, Joe Berkemeier from joins Paul to discuss the recent Chevrolet announcement and the IndyCar silly season.

Chicagoland: Steph’s Saturday thoughts

Chicagoland: Steph’s Saturday thoughts

Steph’s Saturday thoughts from the 2010 event at Chicagoland Speedway.

Chicagoland: Paul’s Friday thoughts

Chicagoland: Paul’s Friday thoughts

Paul’s Friday thoughts from the 2010 event at Chicagoland Speedway.

Podcast episode 28

Podcast episode 28: Featuring Tony Kanaan. From our earliest beginnings back at

Move over — it’s just good manners

Much ado has been made in recent days over the issue of whether lapped cars have a duty to make way for lead-lap cars that come up behind them. Three specific incidents in the last two races have been of particular interest.

An interview with Tony Kanaan

An interview with Tony Kanaan.

Who are you?

“Holy cow, girl. Will you please shut up about Greg Moore already?” I will — in just a minute. This has an external point, I promise. Bear with me.

Random thoughts on 2009 thus far

Since I’m stuck for 6+ hours at the Seattle airport, I’ve got plenty of time to jot down some thoughts on what we’ve seen in the IndyCar season so far. I haven’t reviewed anything, so whatever comes to mind are those events that really stick out.

So proud of the IndyCar family

You know what take mega-juevos? When you see someone strapped into a car that is ablaze and you run straight for it to help out in any way possible. What’s even more gutsy and impressive is when that person in that car is your competition, someone you set out to beat week after week after week.

AGR the “biggest bust”: gonna have to agree

So, the Edmonton Journal called the AGR boys the “biggest bust of this IRL season.” Those are some harsh words coming from the media regarding what used to be the dominant super-team of the IRL. Unfortunately for AGR, they are spot on.