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Infineon: Saturday thoughts

Infineon: Saturday thoughts

Bash’s Saturday thoughts on the 2010 event at Infineon Raceway.

Infineon: Preview

Infineon: Preview

Bash’s preview of the 2010 event at Infineon Raceway.

More speculation on the 2011 schedule

More speculation on the 2011 schedule

The first hints that what we thought we knew of the 2011 schedule was going off the rails came while chatting with Randy Bernard on the Mid-Ohio race weekend. We learned that imminent announcements of 2011 NASCAR dates at that time were having a greater impact on the plans of the IZOD IndyCar Series than expected. With many of those announcements having now taken place, things appear to be back on track.

Updated speculation on the 2011 schedule

It’s been a little over a month since we last looked at the 2011 schedule, and things have changed some since then. Some revised speculation appears to be in order.

Speculation on the 2011 schedule

An early attempt at speculation on the 2011 IZOD IndyCar Series schedule.

Random thoughts on 2009 thus far

Since I’m stuck for 6+ hours at the Seattle airport, I’ve got plenty of time to jot down some thoughts on what we’ve seen in the IndyCar season so far. I haven’t reviewed anything, so whatever comes to mind are those events that really stick out.

Sonoma: Weekend thoughts

For all the jokes about Snorenoma and Infini-yawn, I recommend attending the event if you get the chance. The area is striking, the facilities and staff are very nice, and the racing isn’t always a bore.

Costly crash

The practice accident involving Nelson Philippe, Will Power and E.J. Viso has cost the series two competitors for this weekend and possibly the rest of the season. Viso is fine and should race tomorrow, but Philippe and Power are both out for an undetermined amount of time.