LIVE BLOG: 2014 Chevrolet Indy Dual in Detroit

IndyCar, IndyCar commentary — By on June 1, 2014 7:00 am

10:26 AM ET — Good morning from the Chevrolet Indy Dual in Detroit! I’ve landed on Belle Isle for what is my first-ever visit to an Indy car race of any kind in the Motor City — which is extremely bizarre given that apart from my home race in Toronto this has always been the next-closest race to home in my lifetime. (Then again, in retrospect I can’t say I blame my parents for not capitulating to my pleas to visit Detroit in the 1990s.)

I just walked through the gates an hour ago and started taking everything in, but there’s already a lot about this race that I like. Belle Isle is a pretty venue, and I can see Canada from here — maybe not a perk for most, but I enjoy the feeling of having home within an arm’s reach.

Plus, I’m actually staying on the Canadian side this weekend because that meant I was able to bring my family with me. Some of you know that my husband Jacob is an Australian citizen and has submitted an application to become a permanent resident of Canada, and until that process is complete he’s not allowed to leave the country. Being so close to the border means that I was able to bring him and our daughter with me this weekend, so they’re partaking in some kid-friendly activities in Windsor while I’m working during the day and them I’m able to spend time with them in the evenings. It’s a rare treat that we’re all thoroughly enjoying. (The one downside is that between the late drive down yesterday and having an overexcited three-year-old around, last night’s sleep was two stints of roughly three hours each. But we have caffeine and race cars here, so I’ll get through it.)

Being that this is my first visit to Belle Isle, I’m being well and truly spoiled in that I have on-island parking access and don’t need to deal with the whole shuttle bus process. I’m not mentioning this to brag (I actually feel pretty guilty about it) but to ask a favor: if there’s anyone out there who’s coming to the race as a spectator and you sees me walk by you this weekend, please stop me to say hi and let me know how that process has gone for you. I’d really like to get an honest feel for how that process goes and share your experiences with our readers to paint a full picture of what it’s like to attend the Dual in Detroit in person.

Speaking of seeing people, the Indy Fans Tweet-up is today, Friday, a bit of a departure from the usual practice. But they’re joining forces with the Sports Car Meetup folks this weekend, which should mean a great turnout but also that today is the only good day to find a gap in the on-track schedule. If you’re here, join us on the front steps of the media center at 3:45 PM and meet some of the most dedicated race fans around!

And if you’re not here today but you live in the area, what are you waiting for? Today is Free Prix Day here at the track, so come on down here and enjoy watching some race cars ride around Belle Isle on a beautiful day — it won’t cost you a dime to get in!

On the open-wheel side of things, we only have the Verizon IndyCar Series on track this weekend — the Mazda Road to Indy is taking time off to make way for the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship and Pirelli World Challenge and give lots of different Chevrolet products track time in this banner weekend for the marque. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be sitting around twiddling our thumbs — the two qualifying sessions and two races happening over Saturday and Sunday will keep us hopping.

So, while I have an opportunity on the quietest day today, I’m going to walk around the grounds and check things out while compiling the second in our new series of Spectator Seating Guides. I find it very helpful to explore a track on my first day at it, and this time I’m hoping I can pass some of the benefits of that exploration on to you.

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