A Smaller View: Hannah attends Pole Day

IndyCar commentary — By on May 25, 2011 5:27 pm

A Smaller View chronicles the adventures of a nine-year-old girl as she takes advantage of the new junior credential program at IMS. Our junior blogger will submit reports on her experiences throughout the Month of May. We’re pleased to have the opportunity to present a view of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway through the eyes of the next generation!


I went to the race track today, and it was really, really crowded. I went to the garage area, and it was crowded, too! I just felt like yelling, “GET OUT OF MY SPACE!” But I didn’t want to be mean and sassy, so I didn’t say it.

I went to JR’s garage and saw Anna again, but she was in the garage talking with someone and working, so I didn’t want to bother her. I saw a lot of race car drivers getting ready with their cars in line being towed out to the pits. I met Buddy Rice, who won the 500, and Charlie Kimball, who is a rookie.

This time, we had suite passes.  Our suite was run by the IMA (Indiana Motorsports Association).  It was down by the Hot Wheels ramp, and it was almost that tall! We rode an elevator up, and when we went in there were tables and chairs and food.  There was also a glass door and seats outside so that you could watch the cars way down there.

There was a crash in the morning. The Chinese driver Ho Pin Tung had a crash into the wall. He was okay, though. I couldn’t see where he crashed, and I was glad I didn’t see it.

I know Simona had a big crash, too. My grandpa showed me the video. He said she came out all right, but she did burn her hands and hit her head. It could have been much worse! I saw her photo on the internet. She had Mickey Mouse hands — it was her bandages from her burned hands.

When we were in the stands, we saw a lady with a MoreFrontWing.com t-shirt. We thought it might be Steph, but she said no, her husband just bought those shirts.

I also met a lady from IMIS, the International Motorsports Industry Show. Her name was Jamie Harding Hancook, and she put my weblog link in her phone. She said I had a lot of Facebook mentions and tweets on there!

I was sorry that Danica didn’t qualify on Pole Day, but JR did! We saw a lot of cars go by for qualifications.

I also saw my friend Levi when we were walking by the band playing in the Pagoda Plaza.

Anyway, after we got home I watched the movie “Super Speedway” with Mario Andretti on NetFlix. It’s not very long, but it’s really cool and I recognized a lot of the things they showed in there, like the carbon fiber body parts we saw in the Panther garage. In the movie, they showed how they made those parts from fabric in a big oven.  They start with a clay model. They also showed how they test the engines, and when they run they glow red hot, first in the front and then towards the back and then all over. In the movie you see Marco Andretti, but he is a little blonde boy just a little older than me.  They also showed his dad and grandpa in race cars on the track.

I was too tired to go to Bump Day and I needed a rest.  Next is the race, and I will be sitting in the Northeast Vista.  This will be my first time at the race.  I am so excited!

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