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Tony Cotman named Project Manager for 2012 IndyCar program

Tony Cotman named Project Manager for 2012 IndyCar program

A statement has been released by the IZOD IndyCar Series naming Tony Cotman as Project Manager for the 2012 ICONIC project.

An interview with Randy Bernard

An interview with Randy Bernard

The CEO of the IZOD IndyCar Series, Randy Bernard, was kind enough to sit with me this afternoon to discuss a few current topics of interest.

Podcast episode 30

Podcast Episode 30: From our earliest beginnings back at

Initial reactions to the 2012 chassis strategy announcement

There’s a lot of deeper consideration to go into the content of today’s ICONIC Committee announcement, but here’s an off-the-cuff response.

Podcast episode 29

Podcast episode 29: From our earliest beginnings back at

DeltaWing testing results released

DeltaWing has completed the first wind tunnel test of its radical IndyCar concept. The results confirmed much of what as already known about the chassis.

An interview with Bruce Ashmore

An interview with Bruce Ashmore of the BAT Project.

Swift 66: ICONIC this!

Swift 66: ICONIC this!

Over the past couple weeks, Swift Engineering’s Rachel Nichols has been hinting that she had something up her sleeve and has been chomping at the bit to let all of us know about it. Ironically, she was released from the ball and chain on April Fool’s Day and threw down the gauntlet with Swift’s latest entry into the 2012 IZOD IndyCar sweepstakes, the Swift #66.

An interlude with a casual fan

Yep — I’m about to base an entire blog post on a 15-minute conversation that I had in an airport. But here’s the thing: it was a great conversation. And it provided quite a bit of insight into the potential fan base that us hardcore types don’t necessarily encounter every day.

Swift reveals new 2012 design

It made its first appearance in the chassis survey that went to Downforce members yesterday, but more detailed images have emerged today of Swift’s latest design proposal, labeled as car #50.

BAT Project releases new images

The fifth contender to become the next chassis manufacturer for the IZOD IndyCar Series has released images of its new car. The BAT Project, led by engineers Bruce Ashmore, Alan Mertens, and Tim Wardrop, put out a car similar to what we’ve seen so far but with a few distinct features.

The BAT Project — enter the fifth contender

Just when we thought we were looking at all available options for the 2012 iteration of an IndyCar, Racecar Engineering reports that another group is about to enter the ring.