Dixon fined, placed on probation for actions in Baltimore

IndyCar News/Releases, INDYCAR PR — By on September 6, 2013 3:09 pm

[Source: INDYCAR press release]


INDIANAPOLIS (Friday, Sept. 6, 2013) – INDYCAR officials have fined IZOD IndyCar Series driver Scott Dixon $30,000 and placed him on probation through Dec. 31 for comments made following the Sept. 1 Grand Prix of Baltimore presented by SRT.

Dixon violated Rules and 9.3.7 when he made disparaging remarks toward INDYCAR officials and other competitors after the race. Using improper, profane or disparaging language or gestures in reference to Officials, Members or action or situations connected with INDYCAR, the IZOD IndyCar Series, or any Event.

9.3.7. If any Member uses improper, profane or disparaging language or gestures and references a specific Official by his/her name, such Member may be find a minimum of $25,000 and may be subject to additional penalties based upon the particular circumstances.

Because of the public display of these actions, Dixon will be able to work off the fine by making a public appearances on behalf of INDYCAR.

The member may contest the imposition of the penalty pursuant to the procedures and timelines detailed in the protest and appeal procedures of the IZOD IndyCar Series rulebook.

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