MFW podcast episode 73

More Front Wing podcasts, Podcasts — By on June 27, 2012 11:47 pm

On this week’s More Front Wing podcast, we’re joined by two guests who both offer fantastic insight into various aspects of the Iowa Corn Indy 250 at Iowa Speedway.

Beaux Barfield joins us to walk us through the answers to some of the most popular questions coming out of Saturday night’s event. Why did laps start counting before the green flag flew? Why did Dario Franchitti earn full points for the event even though he didn’t take a green flag? Why did James Jakes have to sit on pit lane for so long? Why weren’t drivers allowed to run on the inside? Beaux offers clarification on these points and many more.

Plus, Pippa Mann joins us on the podcast once again, this time very graciously offering to act as an analyst. The three of us talk over our impressions of the heat race qualifying format, the various incidents throughout the event, and the current state of the points race just past the halfway point in the season. Pippa offers the kind of depth and insight that can only be given by someone with actual seat time in an INDYCAR — a real treat.

To listen, use the player below or search for More Front Wing on iTunes.

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