Buy a PT shirt and support Make-a-Wish Canada

IndyCar commentary — By on June 15, 2011 8:52 pm

We wouldn’t normally endorse a third-party t-shirt sale, particularly one that gives us the appearance of supporting a particular driver. But this one’s been put together by a couple of very dedicated fans who are seeing no personal gain from it whatsoever, and it benefits a very special charity, so we thought you should know about it.

Mike Cockrall — yes, that Mike Cockrall, the guy who was instrumental in saving his home race in Edmonton and always seems to have a thousand different projects on the go for the benefit of his favorite sport — has joined forces with another massive Paul Tracy fan, Matt Elpern, a graphic designer from Burlington, Ontario. Together, the two of them have come up with some shirts inspired by the livery that will run on PT’s car for this year’s Canadian races and have put them up for sale.

Every cent of the proceeds of this sale go directly to Make-a-Wish Canada, the same charity that PT will be supporting in Toronto and Edmonton. Make-a-Wish is a charity dedicated to granting wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses so that they can experience hope, strength, and joy in the face of adversity. Whether it’s a trip to Walt Disney World, a shopping spree at a favorite store, or the chance to meet a famous athlete like a race car driver, Make-a-Wish makes kids’ dreams come true, and your purchase of one of these shirts plays a part in making that happen.

To support Mike, Matt, PT, and Make-a-Wish Canada, head over to the web site and pick up a shirt today!