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Toronto: Paul’s Saturday thoughts

Paul’s thoughts from Saturday at the 2010 Honda Indy Toronto.

An interview with Paul Tracy

An interview with Paul Tracy.

An Interview with Paul Tracy

An interview with Paul Tracy.

Where have all the rivalries gone?

All right. Let’s dive into an offshoot topic from yesterday’s post. The overall question: why aren’t we more invested in the drivers these days? A lack of meaningful rivalries was one of the first things that came to mind.

Paul Tracy: Join the wave!

I’m not a huge Paul Tracy fan. I really liked him when he first joined Roger Penske’s team in 1992, and I liked him up until he joined Newman-Haas in 1995. Since then, I find his attitude polarizing and difficult to swallow. And that is exactly why PT needs to be in the IndyCar Series full time starting in 2010.