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Castroneves fined for his post-race actions in Edmonton

Castroneves fined for his post-race actions in Edmonton

A statement has been released by the IZOD IndyCar Series regarding action taken against Helio Castroneves for his post-race behavior at Edmonton.

Updated speculation on the 2011 schedule

It’s been a little over a month since we last looked at the 2011 schedule, and things have changed some since then. Some revised speculation appears to be in order.

The Block: What’s the real issue?

The Block: What’s the real issue?

According to the definition of blocking as stated in the rules, and according to the statements made by Brian Barnhart in the drivers’ meeting this morning, Helio Castroneves did in fact block Will Power going into turn 1. However, according to what any rational viewer would consider an appropriate definition of blocking in the first place, Helio clearly did no wrong.

Podcast episode 30

Podcast Episode 30: From our earliest beginnings back at

Speculation on the 2011 schedule

An early attempt at speculation on the 2011 IZOD IndyCar Series schedule.

COUNTERPOINT: Street racing

This first Counterpoint article focuses on the pros and cons of races hosted on city streets.

An Interview with Paul Tracy

An interview with Paul Tracy.

So proud of the IndyCar family

You know what take mega-juevos? When you see someone strapped into a car that is ablaze and you run straight for it to help out in any way possible. What’s even more gutsy and impressive is when that person in that car is your competition, someone you set out to beat week after week after week.