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An interview with AJ Foyt

An interview with AJ Foyt

AJ Foyt sits down with More Front Wing to discuss the current state of the IZOD IndyCar Series and to share his view on its future.

Chicagoland: Paul’s Saturday thoughts

Chicagoland: Paul’s Saturday thoughts

Paul’s Saturday thoughts from the 2010 event at Chicagoland Speedway.

DeltaWing testing results released

DeltaWing has completed the first wind tunnel test of its radical IndyCar concept. The results confirmed much of what as already known about the chassis.

Panther Racing’s John Barnes discusses the DeltaWing proposal

2012 that was the topic of conversation when Panther Racing co-owner John Barnes spoke with Planet-IRL recently.

My DeltaWing opinion, 24 hours later

Okay, friends, pay attention as this situation may never occur again, but here goes: I might not, after all, know everything. Such, I believe, is the case with the DeltaWing IndyCar concept that was debuted yesterday at the Chicago Auto Show.

Breaking news: DeltaWing car unveiled in Chicago

DeltaWing Racing Cars revealed their concept for the 2012 IndyCar today at the Chicago Auto Show.