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Where have all the rivalries gone?

All right. Let’s dive into an offshoot topic from yesterday’s post. The overall question: why aren’t we more invested in the drivers these days? A lack of meaningful rivalries was one of the first things that came to mind.

Terry Angstadt addresses media at Chicagoland

Following the Indy Lights qualifying this afternoon, news broke that an IndyCar owners’ meeting was being held at Chicagoland Speedway to address the future of the IndyCar Series. After the Indy Lights race, President of the IRL Commercial Division Terry Angstadt stopped by the media center to update reporters on some of the issues raised during that meeting.

Random thoughts on 2009 thus far

Since I’m stuck for 6+ hours at the Seattle airport, I’ve got plenty of time to jot down some thoughts on what we’ve seen in the IndyCar season so far. I haven’t reviewed anything, so whatever comes to mind are those events that really stick out.

Breathe a bit easier, fans: Danica is staying

News is starting to leak from Curt Cavin via Twitter that Danica Patrick will indeed be staying in the IndyCar Series next year with AGR.

AGR the “biggest bust”: gonna have to agree

So, the Edmonton Journal called the AGR boys the “biggest bust of this IRL season.” Those are some harsh words coming from the media regarding what used to be the dominant super-team of the IRL. Unfortunately for AGR, they are spot on.

Does Kevin Harvick control IndyCar’s future?

I’ve long contended that if Danica is going to make the move to NASCAR, she is going to do so with Stewart-Haas Racing. She has said all along that she will only go where she has the best chance to win. When looking at NASCAR, that narrows your choices to Hendrick, Stewart-Haas, Gibbs, and Roush. Those four teams have combined to win 17 or 19 races so far this year — the only exception being Tallageda (where Roush nearly won but the fence got in the way) and Charlotte.