Help us gather the best IndyCar memories from 100 fans

IndyCar, IndyCar commentary, More Front Wing podcasts — By on December 16, 2013 9:55 am

Last week, we asked you to help us come up with a big idea to help make our 100th podcast something special.

We had a lot of really fantastic entries, and we appreciated every single one. Some people asked us to be funny, some asked us to be festive in the spirit of the holidays, and others asked that we speak to people that would help us honor the sport’s history.

But the theme that ran through most of our entries was striking: many people — in fact, we could even go so far as to say most people — asked us to pay homage to you (and to us), the sport’s fans.

We were very touched by this. To us, it just felt right to dedicate this milestone in our brief history to the spirit under which this website was established in the first place.

And so, we’ve decided to go big. In honor of our 100th podcast, we’re going to gather input from 100 IndyCar fans and hear about your favourite memories with the sport.

Young or old, new or veteran, we want to hear from you — what’s your best memory of being an IndyCar fan? Was it an interaction with a driver, or a first race you attended live, or an on-track moment that’s been stuck in your mind ever since?

We’ll be gathering these over the next couple of days to put together in our 100th podcast to be released later this week. Please try to keep your submission to two or three sentences to make sure that we can fit everyone in. Please make your submissions by email to so that we can keep them under wraps until the podcast!

Oh, and by the way, the fan who gave us this idea and the winner of the Tony Kanaan die-cast is Imu Aloway. Congratulations! Please get in touch with us to claim your prize.

Let’s hear from you, IndyCar Nation. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!